About Michael Witty Architects

Michael Witty Architects is an architectural design practice providing design expertise to complete new works, alterations, additions & renovations to single residences, units, high rise, offices & shops, clubs & hotels.

Our new works include single residences, beachfront holiday retreats, ‘be-spoke’ residences, ‘branded’ office buildings, multi-storey unit buildings plus ‘state of the art’ tourism & entertainment projects.

We believe that all good design requires the designer to fulfill the brief by extending the designers talents to value add to the design & provide that something extra, that interest & ‘pizzaz’ that sets that particular design apart.

Refined elegance, sophisticated attention to design detail, proportion & scale are all integral elements in a successful design solution.
Art & architecture go hand in hand in creating livable, practical & enjoyable work & living environments.

Our practice was established in 1977 & continues today with Michael Witty as a sole director registered architect responsible for all work.

MWA continues to work toward a greater involvement of designers in every level of the fabric of society from the micro scale of the local community thru to the macro whole city design.

Witty Consultants Pty Ltd is a registered architectural company t/a Michael Witty Architects.

MWA services-

design concepts
development feasibilities
project management
master planning
site supervision & design co-ordination
project payment certification
contract administration
legal professional opinion

MWA creates wealth thru architecture & realizes value thru design.

The MWA team consists of qualified registered & experienced architects, designers, documentation specialists, computer technicians working in conjunction & association with specialist engineering, building consultants & award winning builders providing a fully integrated whole design team developing a total service tailored to each projects requirements.

As a design practice MWA delivers a fully integrated & comprehensive design service resulting in cost effective, buildable, practical, unique solutions of architectural design sophistication & refined elegance tailored to the design brief.

MWA designs & builds only quality buildings designed, documented & fully detailed providing that something special while realizing the creation of long term wealth thru good design, sustainable building practice & attention to detail.

At MWA we believe in providing the best when only the best will do.
The MWA team design homes for those discerning clients who require an enjoyable, comfortable & practical family living environment tailored to the design brief.

MWA commercial buildings incorporate the latest sustainable design practice for clients who require a realistic & achievable long term return on their investment.

The MWA team strive to provide a professional fast efficient service fully documenting the design so that the works are able to be priced accurately.

MWA tourism, entertainment & resort projects are tailored to the clients requirements resulting in projects of excitement & wonder stretching the limits of current engineering practice by providing solutions that are unique & special that continue to attract interest & visits translating into strong return on $ invested.

The MWA design team use years of ‘hands on experience’ designing, documenting, pricing & building projects to provide you the client with all the information available so that you are able to make informed decisions about your project.

We at MWA strive for professional excellence in our service to achieve to achieve the highest level of quality for the $’s invested in the project.

As an integrated design team MWA applies our years of design & building experience gained by successfully completing projects in high end residential, commercial, resort, tourism & hospitality in Australia & offshore.

MWA design solutions are unique & special to each project.

At MWA we maintain a design & documentation process resulting in successful building projects that evidence the complete integration & co-ordination of structural & hydraulic engineering, interior design, lighting & landscape design.

The MWA design team know that true sustainability comes from building high quality well planned solid structures.

Join with us to begin the creation of long term wealth!


The MWA team is now actively participating in the design, provision & creation of REMOTE AREA INDIGENOUS HOUSING

Our interest & passion is in the practical application of 40 years experience in the construction industry to the creation of culturally appropriate house designs by developing designs as a result of a comprehensive community briefing process in order to establish an understanding of the specific indigenous community's everyday social behaviors & its specific climatic/geographic context.
We believe that the success of any design has a direct relationship to how well the finished product functions to support occupants’ beliefs, values & their associated domiciliary behaviours & household structures.

Integral to the success of these projects is the understanding that culturally distinct behaviour includes set forms of approach & departure, external orientation & sensory communication between domiciles, different concepts of privacy & crowding, sleeping behaviour, sleeping group composition, cooking & use of fire as well as attitudes towards storage of possessions & resources.